Corporate handling for first time employees

Looks like I am getting old –
Please feel free to add or amend.

Hope useful to newbies – wish I had some one teach these in my early days – self help books did not help much)

1 Talk less but learn to communicate crisp to the point
2 be humble , be polite,
be cordial, be humane,
be direct
3 Respect everyone
especially immediate boss
4 be trustful and trust others
5 learn to work with a team (cordial with all)
6 there will tough difficult people- learnt to face them without antagonising
7 do not assume (clarify if any request is not clear –
confidence comes from experience)
8 be curious (but not nosy)
9 understand hierarchy
(power centres)
10 find your mentors who can guide your professional career growth from early on
but sometimes there is no ‘god father’ – you are on your own
11 do not argue (too often)
(exchanging different views is fine)
12 ask for help (if not know how to handle some tasks only after
trying yourself all options)
(not too many times)
13 be independent
14 do not delegate too early – later it is important to delegate tasks not important and not urgent
15 help others- look for opportunities to use your skills
16 learn from mistakes
(never do the same mistake twice)
17 learn what values you add
(performance review and key result areas)
18 Understand Financial impact
(end of the day companies need to be profitable)
19 Be stable (don’t job hop too many times too early – diverse experience is good (after learning one at a time thoroughly)
20 learn new skills / technology
/ driving (if can learn coding and solving technical issues)
21 be a problem solver (not a problem creator)
22 continue to study related to career/profession (get professional certificates)
23 learn other languages
24 develop friendship and network
(even after you left the company)
25 be professional(ethics, integrity)
26 balance work and personal life
27 do not get involved personally
28 appreciate the good in others
29 do not talk bad about others
think about what is your spark
(passion – slowly build on that)
30 Exercise (physical and mental) daily (preferably early morning before breakfast)
31 Take regular breaks for 5 min- every 40min – stretch)
32 Eat healthy (fruits, nuts and drink warm water)
33 Be alert
34 Have discipline – time management
(urgent/not , important/not)
35 Learn to make decisions
36 Plan Do Check Act
37 Finish tasks end to end
38 Rehearse (do a trial if can like delivering a presentation, check all steps – network wifi projector power security etc)
39 be transparent (but be careful about confidentiality)
40 document well
41 Follow company procedures diligently
42 bounce ideas
43 Learn to communicate precisely both in meetings and in writing
44 Take notes and document
(writing abd re-reading brings clarity)
44 Share your knowledge in professional network
(like LinkedIn)
45 Get professional comments your skills from your colleagues or clients

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