Please Note: With your trial confirmation we are attaching BRSR template for reference with default/ sample data in it. Also, you are agreeing to provide the below written email feedback before the end of trial.


Trial Feedback(choose any one)

We would like to purchase ___ (number) of user(s) License.


We do not wish to purchase because____________(reason(s))



Trial Scope:

  • BRSR and related masters(or other user user provided template)
  • BRSR Report(can be saved as PDF, Word, Excel or CSV)
  • Software is cloud based and hosted in
  • All the platform security (ISO27001 certified) is provided by Upcloud.
  • Login information will be sent as soon as this Trial confirmation is approved.
  • Recommended to use Chrome Browser.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for a period of 30 days from Date of Registration.
  • Number of Trial users: 2 (Two)(User Id and Password will be sent)
  • Trial objective is to check if the prospective client user find the solution meet their company objective for collaboration, traceability, reporting instead of the current silo software or excel based templates.
  • Limitations: For Trial users only BRSR is enabled to try the basic functionality to insert, delete, copy, paste.
  • Test Data will be kept for 3 months after Trial period and if the Prospective client do not make the purchase decision before the end of 3 months, test data will be deleted.
  • System is intuitive and any BRSR/ESG Compliance professional should be able to navigate and use easily. IRESC will support to enable adoption if required via Microsoft Teams.